Filippo Chiarello

Filippo Chiarello

Assistant Professor of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence

University of Pisa


I am an assistant professor of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence at the University of Pisa. My research interests include Natural Language Processing, Innovation Management and Human Resources Management. I’m proudly part of Business Engineering 4 Data Science (B4DS) Research Team.

I also love teaching, and this page is intended to be a part of the learning process of myself and of my students, despite their background (engineering, computer science, economy) and level (MSc or PhD students).

In this page you can find:

  • Posts: short articles and R/Python noteboks about my topics of interest
  • Projects: the research projects I’m working on with my team
  • Pubblications: a summary and links to all my scientific pubblications
  • Courses: additional contents and all the links from my courses



Assistant Professor

University of Pisa

Oct 2020 – Present Italy

Responsibilities include:

  • Scientific Research
  • Teaching
  • Technology Transfer

Co-Founder e CTO


Sep 2019 – Present Italy
Texty design and develop innovative NLP solution for the HR sector.

R&D Consultant

Erre Quadro

Mar 2019 – Present Italy
Erre Quadro’s solutions combine state-of-the-art computational linguistics software with sophisticated technology representation for patent analysis.

Guitar and Bass Player


Oct 2008 – Present Italy
In my spare time i used to play in a rock band. I play better than I write, so listen to us on Spotify.



Alliance for Strategic Skills Addressing Emerging Technologies in Defence

Technical Lexicons Design

Automatic collection of lexicons to boost Technical Entity Tagging


Soft Skills for Employability


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  • Largo Lucio Lazzarino, Pisa, Tuscany 56122
  • Enter Building Polo A and ask for my office.
  • Wednesday 17:00 to 19:00
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